Water is Life

  • Resonance at Soma Towers Bellevue, WA

Sponsored by Second Inversion, as part of KING FM’s “On Stage” series.

The Ecco Chamber Ensemble illustrates the vital role that water plays in our basic survival and in our art.  Its references pervade music and poetry throughout the ages, and its imagery appears in many forms:  water, rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, seas, oceans, rain, fog, mist, dew, clouds, snow, ice, springs, fountains, waterfalls, floods, drops, showers, wells, lagoons, canals, harbors, coasts, soaking, bathing, swimming, wading, crying, weeping, drinking, thirst, tears, sobs, and more.  This program features works by Apziazu, Cage, Cardew, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, DeLio, Fauré, Lilly, Lucier, Rodrigo, Takemitsu, Vaughan Williams, Wilson, and the premiere of H2O by Seattle composer Sarah Bassingthwaighte.

This event will benefit causes related to the water crises on our planet.

November 16
Music and the Brain


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