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20th century italian art song

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International recital tour: 2019-2020 season

“…taste and authority….[in these] miniatures here it is possible to grasp the ferment of a historical time that was painful but extraordinarily alive.”

- Il Cittadino di Lodi

"The credit of rediscovering these Italian art songs belongs to Stacey Mastrian….nutritious and interesting both for its literary texts as well as the music…..beautiful voice…clear timbre…shows particular attention to the words and to the state of being evoked by the texts, passing from melancholy situations to burlesque and childlike, expressing the contents of the lyrics with efficacy and with curated phrasing and intonation….pianist Scott Crowne…integrated himself perfectly with the voice, which resulted in constructing a perfect amalgam."

- GB Opera Magazine

qu'un espace / sépare
for soprano and percussion ensemble

“Soprano Stacey Mastrian has the perfect, crystal clear voice for this, her pitching absolutely sure.”

- Fanfare

FOR soprano, percussion, and PIANO

that light
for soprano playing percussion

“A few of the works stand out....that light (1989/2009), setting the Japanese-influenced nature poems of...Corman...negotiating large, angular interval leaps and whispered sibilants, breaking up the words, repeating syllables, and abstracting the poetry’s original verbal music....”

- Fanfare

qu'un espace / sépare
for soprano and percussion ensemble

“…extreme sensitivity and subtlety…”

- Computer Music Journal

“A word here about the performances: although they’re uniformly superb in both precision and spirit, the works for percussion are especially noteworthy….all of the renditions showcased here are faithful and tight, and they all deserve praise for keeping the quality of such a huge undertaking so high.”

- New Music Box


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